Saturday, November 14, 2009

MOnth 8 Beautifyed

So I have to admit I don't give myself enough pampering these days since becoming a mom 3 1/2 years ago and just plain working all the time. Today I decided would be a fine time to start taking care of my inner girl and get a bit glammed up. Well I wouldn't take it to that extreme but after my little home makeover a felt a whole lot prettier not to mention I am feeling my hair still loving the journey ..... Heck I might even treapsy over to the gym if I'm feeling slick tomorrow but I wont push it. For my hair I bought a massage bar that smelled so good from a body store called LUSH that sells the nicest pamper items ever. The bar is made of pure Shea, Cocoa and other natural ingredients that left me smelling real nice. It also makes a great massage bar for those dry elbows and knees I might even treat my hubby to massage if he treats me right lol. So let me tell you what I got on my little excursion:

A Sephora sampler for $38 bucks:

~Korres lip balm
~Korres mascara
~Tarte cheek stain
~Tarte mascara
~Lorac eye shadow
~Lorac bronzer
~Smashbox lipgloss
~Givenchy lipgloss
~Sephora nail laquer

I was thrilled because the box had all the colors that complimented me and let me tell you even though these were ample sample sizes, what I got was a steal because one product by itself could run you about $25-30. Which to me is a rip off I would rather have my cake, taste my cake and enjoy the damn thing while I can. So get in where you can fit in is all I'm saying there is nothing wrong with sampling products because quite frankly if you don't like it why be wasteful and throw away something you paid an arm and leg for. Now I'm a thrifty gal and I know there are other ladies out there who would spend that extra 50 bucks on lip gloss but no sah not me. Anyway I'm glad Sephora thinks of women like me who would like to try before she buys.

I also went to this store called showcase and bought a makeup kit(again if you can get your moneys worth in a one time kit your good to go) for $60 I got me a Sheer Cover makeup set.
Let me tell you I am in love with this stuff and If your a black girl ( caramel/mocha shade according to the box ) like me you and I both know that finding makeup isn't that easy. with all our beautiful tones and hues finding the perfect match is a little more then daunting. With Sheer Cover a mineral foundation you can blend and customize your own shade to your specifications (LOve it!) cant do that with a single foundation. I also tried a comparable brand in Sephora called Bare Minerals that might match us a little better for darker hues but I'm going to stick with Sheer because its much more affordable and let me tell you lucky ducklings that live in the states can get this kit for $30 something bucks while I (Canadian) have to spend a bit more. Ah well its worth it for what I can do with it.

Here's what I got in my kit:

2 Mineral foundations with SPF 15 ( I got shade Dark)
Duo concealer (2 shades)
Purifying Cleanser (skin felt smooth and nice after)
SPF 15 moisturizer (and get this you can blend with the mineral makeup to make a tinted moisturizer Love it!)
Black brown mascara
Powder brush
Contouring brush Precision concealing brush Sheer cover color compact

So my dears I am so happy because for my budget I did not go over (so proud) I bought all this. Sometimes you can spend some time and money on yourself while being thrifty and guilt free if you feel good then everyone else around you will too No doubt. If you have the extra funds I say go for it girl. You earned it so burn it.... do the damn thing!

How bout y'all Drop me a note and tell me what items you think are hot. I think I might just start adding some great finds and things I think are hot for a big gyal like me to this blog why not?. Especially in these times being thrifty is alright and you can still look and feel good. Next purchases maybe ( a little pricey but the girl is around my way in style) Gwen Stephani Lamb or hirajuku perfumes She's got that Caribbean flavor and I like it Big it up! . I'm also feeling the urban vibe from Kimora Lee Simmons some of her stuff are nice too maybe I can get something on clearance lol.

Anyway Peace out y'all till next month


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Keep things simple ~ is my motto

Happy Halloween everyone just making my rounds. Anyway over the past few months Ive been tweaking and playing with regimens, fixing weak roots, and just week to week upkeep of my hair. After tons of trial and error Ive settled on an even simpler routine of washing once a week with an organic shampoo (non residual) a simple gel and a micro fiber wash cloth. Ive just decided that with my oh so busy life I just don't have time to sit and twist my hair. I mean don't get me wrong I love the manicured look (I dont what anyone says) but as the days go by I am learning to accept my hair and what it truly wants to do and that's be free as it can be. I noticed on You tube that some people are going the free form route (cant do it) but once again I have revisited the micro fiber rub. My locs are still soft unfortunately but Ive learned to live with it. My roots gets a deep cleansing and then a good mass twisting without me having to roll each individual loc. You can't get any simpler then this (actually you can but I'm not a fan of the one dread matted look)

1. Wet hair thoroughly
2. add shampoo
3. wash in clockwise motion with micro fiber always rubbing same way each time
4. Rinse hair thoroughly making sure all shampoo is rinsed out completely
5. squeeze out as much water as you can. You can use your micro fiber to squeeze excess water or if you have a micro fiber towel use it because it will grab up 90% of water in your locs which is especially great for avoiding mildew buildup you hair will be dry within an hour or two.
6. Put gel through out hair you don't have to soak them just the ample amount you would use in each.
7. Now Take Micro fiber and rub in clockwise or whatever comfortable position you like and rub in a circular motion always going the same way.

Now if your hair is soft like mine and not completely locked you'll probably have a bunch of fuzz everywhere and the ends will looks unraveled. No worries everything will seal up eventually but if you cant stand it don't do it. Just make sure you pull marrying locs apart. Your roots will be fully twisted and if you still feel inclined you can pick through and roll the ones you feel that need it (I still do)

Hope this helps those looking for a very simplified routine (I just couldn't do all that other stuff no more and I don't mean to sound redundant every month but it is a learning process and I am always finding new ways to manage my hair. So with that said Life is beautiful when you can make time to smell the roses.

Peace and blessings y'all


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oct is MOnth 7 Yall Boo Yah!!!

Just doing a quick update. Last night my ropes were looking a hot mess and I stayed up all night wrapping them to make myself happy lol. I was so tired at work but on the upside they are looking the way I wanted them to. I had to latch a few but Ive been really trying not to do that to much but just rely on water and my favorite gel. Like Ive said before I'm deathly afraid of thin roots so Ive been leaving them to nature to do their thing and I'm so lazy I don't want to clip anything either. The wrapping has been working as they are starting to become uniform and united as time goes on. Ive also switched to a shampoo a friend let me try from Norwex called Aloe Vera shampoo which is almost 98.9 % organic except for maybe a preservative added in at the end which isn't to bad still about 3-4 on the toxin scale which I can say is better then most products out there. I'm also trying the bi weekly wash with this cause hell y'all she want to be selling this shampoo from Italy at 25 bucks a pop but hey you get what you pay for and I have to say I'm quite pleased. It has allowed my hair to stay moisturized without the extra residue and So far I haven't had to break out much product except my gel to re twist when required. This is probably a keeper and better then the Bronner Ive been using only because I don't have to ACV afterward which is a plus in my books (again the laziness lol) I spritz in the morning with water then go bout my biz. I'm so impatient I was also tempted to add extensions because I want the length but then what would be the point of the journey right? Life is good keep up the good fight yall XD

MuCh LOve


Monday, September 7, 2009

Wash- Rinses- Interlocking and Regimens

Hey hey hey

I'm going to talk about regimen and loc maintenance today. Last night I decided to scour the internet on how to keep my dreddies from looking a hot mess. I personally like things simplified and uncomplicated, something I can use and not break a sweat to. I found that I had to dig through a lot of info so to put my many thoughts to screen here's my attempt at putting the puzzle pieces together for those who aren't ( perhaps maybe you know more then me :P) in the know about caring for them locs. Ive been locked now for 7 mths (LOving it!) and Ive learned a thing or two about keeping it tre simple. So I'm hoping that my regimen and maintenance can answer a few questions. Since there is a plethora of info on how to start locs I wont go there, I will just focus on the maintenance and on going care for those who are DIY or wanting to be. Anyhoo lets get to it:

The weekly or bi weekly wash

Washing the hair is important whatever some may say about helping your dreads to loc up your scalp needs help getting rid of residue and buildup left behind by product, elements and plain ol sebum and dirt. Washing the "scalp" helps to actually loc the hair. Water swells the hair and the more this happens the faster your desired result. Remember water is your best friend you didn't quit relaxer not to go play in the rain right?

  • Wash the hair using a non residual shampoo (Suave, Nutrogena, Pantene or any clarifying brand you prefer Tresseme even has a deep cleanser that I hear is good and inexpensive brand) Instead of just adding it straight to the hair I put it in a small spray bottle so I can evenly distribute the shampoo and if your going to wash spend a good 20 mins massaging the scalp (this should definitely be your "me" time) so your scalp get a good cleaning but no finger nails.
  1. Note: Between clarifying washes depending on your needs you can rinse your hair with plain water or you can wash as needed with cleansing bars, Dr Bronners castille soaps or any soap really that you like ( use non residual best suited)
  2. Note: For those who don't interlock try using a stocking cap so you will not disturb your roots to much otherwise you'll be twisting again. (if you can let go and enjoy the fruzz more power to you)
  • 1st Rinse the hair really well and get all the shampoo out, believe or not even non residual shampoo can leave residue behind as well, so your going to want to stand under your shower head or jet spray until your locs feel squeaky clean
  • 2nd Rinse My favorite rinse and the only one I use is ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) for a final clarifying clean. I tell you I still had buildup after multiple washing but after using this product my scalp was debris free. You can put in in a spray bottle 1:8 spray or pour it on your scalp and locs, massage it in a bit and then put a plastic bag over your head (please do not obstruct the airways please you need to be alive for the next step) Then wrap a towel around the bag and leave for 12-15 min. After that stand under the shower again until you can no longer smell the ACV or water runs clear.
After all that washing you really don't need to put anything in your hair. I can honestly say washing alone and ACV will give your locs a nice sheen that lasts. You can add stuff in there if you feel the need some people just like extra moisturizers I just choose not to because they just leave buildup I don't want. If you do proceed to twist the hair all you need is a bit of aloe vera gel or a good chemical free, paraben free, non petrol mineral, non toxic cream your tool and your fingers and BAM simple!

Loc Maintenance

OK now on to the twisting, interlocking wrapping part. I have to say that there is a big difference in twisting your roots and maintaining the locs portion of the hair. Now as you wash you will notice hair frizzing and fruzzing up everywhere this is a very normal and wonderful phenomenon. We want this to happen because this is what causes your locs to form. People get very confused and think that every time they wash their hair they must twist the roots (Not so) personally you can go a whole month or even two without twisting the roots and still maintain neat looking locs. If you continue to twist the roots (like I did every chance I got for the first 3mths) you risk the chance of weakening the roots that forms the base of the loc. Here are a few simple methods you can use: First things first however I will talk about twisting/interlocking the roots to get that out of the way.


Now Ive addressed the whole Point rotation system awhile back and postulated that the 4pt was the far superior rotation compared to the 2pt or 3pt. However as Ive progressed I have to take back those word because as your locs mature it does not matter what pt rotation you use. It has everything to do with how thin you want your locs. Earlier on I started using 2pts and noticed that my locs were getting holes all over them (this drove me batty) so pondering over this and searching the internet, I found that other people were using 4pt and 3pt rotations to keep things tight. I decided yes this is a better solution, but I did notice that my locs were getting to thin almost scary break off at the root thin (turns out my hair is just really soft and unravels easily I just needed to be more patient and let my hair do its thing). This was to much for me so Ive gone back to my 2pt rotation. Considering that the loose hair around your locs are going to fill into those holes anyway. Whatever you choose to do make sure you refrain from interlocking more than once a month unless you absolutely think you need to and preferably when damp. You will need an interlocking tool of choice (many different kinds on the web I prefer to make my own) some water in a spray bottle a little gel and that's it. You can find rotation methods throughout my blog or again in tutorials on the net.

Most people who start traditional use this method as their mainstay. Simple and straight forward but a little long winded for my taste. I do not prefer this method because I like rinsing my hair more often then usual. It produces lovely locs however so give it a shot if your inclined. You will need a spray bottle of water, Two pronged Hair clips and some gel. If you have one a bonnet dryer is good investment for this method as well. Now all you have to do is grab a loc spray some water add some gel and twist in one direction only (same way every time)that you want the locs to lie, then clip hair at root in place. Never twist hair back and forth otherwise hair will never produce those cylindrical locs your after. Repeat all over head and sit under dryer until hair is no longer damp.

After completing both methods wrap hair in a satin or silk scarf to keep it fresh befor you go to bed or if your just about the house and your cleaning or something.


Now on to my favorite past time. I like to do this when I'm in the mood after a rinse in between shampoos. I take some water, little bit of gel and my fingers and you see all that fruzz that surrounds the loc? I take that and wrap around my locs in a clockwise motion. I do this while I watch T.V or when I feel I really need a maintenance check. Personally this keeps me from touching my roots and keeps my hair looking cute and neat when I need it. Personally as Ive said before you don't always need to touch the roots because its the locs you want to conform really. After interlocking my locs looked a bit chewy and bumpy (I don't like the look) but after wrapping them again and again they are starting to shape up quite nice in that cylindrical shape I adore (that's a good look) :)


I buy a bag of Rosemary seeds and boil them, strain them then let it cool. I then either pour it over my entire head or a put it in a spray bottle and spray. I usually just leave it in no need to rinse really

So this is my regimen it took me forever to write but really its straight forward. No mucking around lets review shall we:

Weekly/Biweekly Wash
1. You wash
2.You rinse with water
3. You rinse with ACV (recommend biweekly some are sensitive, can be a little harsh)
4. You rinse with water
5. Micro fiber cloths work best to dry hair (less lint)

1. Pick your poison (method)
2. Twists roots at least 1nce a month max (if you can stand it)
3. Always move in clockwise fashion (same way every time)

1. Wrap when needed after a rinse or whenever you feel
2. Use precaution dampen hair first and use gel or preferred cream
3. Go the same way every time (clockwise etc)

1. Cover your hair when your sleeping or doing house work to keep lint down
2. Have fun with it make them fancy when your going out ( I wear hair bands and wraps all the time they're cute)

Let me know if I'm missing anything IMO this is what I do for my hair. Everyone is different and I just wanted to share what works well for me over the course of 7 mths who knows maybe it will change again. Whatever you choose keep it positive and fun for you.


Peace and Blessings


Sunday, August 23, 2009

6mths and half way there

So here I am posting an update to commemorate my half way mark. Feels good that I am still going strong and learning a little about myself as time progresses. This august I have officially returned back to work from almost a full year of mat leave and I have to say that I was filled with so much anxiety because I did not know if my hair would be accepted by my peers or bosses . I mean for so long I was wearing relaxers and thought that this was the only acceptable hairstyle in my profession or any job for that matter, but you know what? why is it that other people can wear their natural hair at least (naturally straight) in a regular pony tail and I have to go out buy a relaxer to do this? Why can't I wear my hair naturally and rock a pony tail my way (naturally kinky)? Seriously though folks it was my own way of thinking that kept me from being who I am. My peers never had a problem with my hair as long I kept it neat. I look professional and my hair looks cute with all the headbands Ive been wearing and all and Ive gradually progressed going from natural curls to the locs, it shouldn't have been surprising. No one said anything negative or if they were thinking it they sure did not even gave a hint of animosity about it. I mean who's going to have a staff meeting about someones natural hair? but getting to the point I think that most other black people have a problem with the whole natural hair thing and if I were amongst many more black people in my work place I might have been sent straight home with a relaxer kit in hand and told not to come back till I was good and proper. If I were working for my mother (she has her own business) my hair would not be appropriate and I would have to wear wigs everyday to work. I just think we all have to push on and not be afraid to answer people's questions and have good but constructive comebacks to comments when dealing with the hair issue and for Pete's sake lets keep the hair neat and presentable if possible. The other day I had a friend ask me if I washed my hair and I told him "of course" he said that he met another person who had dreads but it was a hot ass mess and their head stunk something awful, and this was coming from a white friend mind you. This "dread head" already gave my friend a bad perception of what having locs were all about and that all dreadies were probably the same. I set this man correct, I even let him smell my hair. Lol we probably looked like a pair of chimps having a go at it but hey anything to set the record straight right? People are going to be curious and ask. No one should really get offended when people just want answers to what could come across as ignorant questi0ns. Otherwise my foot would have definitely come off in someones ass if they were getting fresh with me for real though.

On another note if I were most major companies Sheen Carson (dark& lovely) or whom ever are in the business of selling relaxer and chemicals to make the nappy heads look "appropriate" in any setting I would try to send out the message that going nappy headed is very unprofessional. I would try my darn hardest to get the newbie naturals to come back to the crack or at least use my products for their new found endeavor.

People who are now choosing to explore their natural side should have the right to do so, but at the same time we should allow people the right to keep the relaxer if they want to as well. Why become a Jehovah's witness to going natural and try to shout out the good word then stomp on people for staying on the creamy crack? Dang! some people just look good with a perm. Hey dying ones hair is a chemical job too why don't we stomp on them as well?...... I just can not condone the judging of people for not wanting to switch. It's like trying to get someone who's been smoking cigarettes non stop for 20 years to quit cold turkey. It's not impossible but sure the heck hard. I think that if more people choose to go natural let your hair speak for it's self if people like what they see and ask you for info then freely give it. Don't chase em off with the non creamy crack propaganda. More and more people are choosing to explore themselves and others are following because that's what they were born to do right? I think some people are a little to militant with the hair thing. I am just glad the internet was here and that people were kind enough to share info on their hair. It took me a good 5 years to finally go natural then 3 more years to lock. Without the plethora of info on here I would probably still be hauling ass to the salon every two weeks. (I just don't have the money for all that) and even though some people still do and they be looking good too kudos to you for it but I still and will always be a DIY. Anyway just wanted to drop my little two cents for today wishing all my fellow lockers and those considering peace and blessings.

One Love


Sunday, July 26, 2009

So I tried a Dye and my hand @ Crochet :)

Before Dye

After Dye

OK so I dyed my hair last night with Henna and Indigo but I don't think there is much of a change. I do like the fact that it is deep black now since I felt that my hair was dirty looking before but of course we are almost the most critical of ourselves. It was brownish black and now my hair is blue black (or is it just me? lol :P) .... I'm still afraid to dye the tips the reddish or light brown I want but maybe when they are longer and more mature, right now my hair is matting but still very soft. Anyway just wanted to show the difference from then and now. What do you think not much of a differences huh? The flash from my camera also messes with reflection of light so yeah I can't really tell. I'm not to sad about it anyhow I do know that henna provides conditioning properties to the hair and makes it stronger and grow something fierce..... something a regular chemical dye could not do but dye with a fry if your not careful.

Dig My Tam Man?!

My first attempt at making a hat for myself. I tried taking a up knitting but I found it a little slow not to mention I'm the impatient sort, crocheting is a little faster. Although I threw my project across the room a few times and left it sitting I finally came back and finished the job. I like it :) Now I'm onto my next project its across the room right now (thrown in frustration) as we speak waiting for me to finish it.



Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Au Natural? I thinks Not!

So in my quest for naturalness and good health I find myself looking for products that will fit my budget and be a benefit to my locs. All I can say is that many companies out there are catching the vibe that more and more people want organic this and that......(wait for it) But..... companies will sacrifice quality for the almighty dollar. Our dollars to be exact and what you might happily think is organic and natural is a far cry from it. Now what I thought would be a generally easy shopping spree turned out to be a woe is me fustration fest of "what exactly do I buy?" I mean how do I get products that are great but wont break the bank? If you want something good your going to have to do research and pay out your ying yang for it. Thats what most companies want us to believe and trick us they do very well by all the fancy advertising to lure us to their products. Personally if I see a glossy add I am very tempted to purchase the product knowing very well I'm probably slathering something akin to car grease on my hair or body. Lately I have decided since I removed the lye from my hair i would do the same for my brain as well, meaning that I would choose to care and read the ingredient list on the back of my products. (I do this for most items I buy now anyway) I mean am I being weired? I dont think so. If you can not fully understand or even pronounce the stuff on the back of the jars or bottles is it really worth buying? Why trick us? Anyway I went home and contemplated what I was going to use on my head, did a little research on the net and decided that I was going to use products that I could easily make myself. Or if I did choose to buy would be almost edible or have little to no toxic ingredients in them. This is what I came up with:

So to list everything from left to right would be
~Dr. Bronners Tea Tree oil Castille shampoo 24oz cost me $18.00 but lasts a long while and is worth the money
~Parachute coconut oil (Heavy and not used to often) used for deep condition pre shampoo $2.99
~Organic Root Stimulator Lock and Twist gel & Royal Roots by Tahlia Wahjid (I payed 6.99 for each to me that is cheap considering I live in Canada and people always have to be so extra and charge more for gel of all things)
~Bottle 1 (white cap) is just plain water you can add any essential oil you like this I use for freshning up my locs throughout the day.
~ Bottle 2 (full white) is Sweet Almond oil which like Jojoba is close to mimicking natural sebum in our hair. Cost me $4.99 at Shoppers I use this after a wash my hair I use it liberally depending on how dry my hair gets.
~Bottle 3 (purple cap) Is water and rosemary which I boiled myself the seeds cost me $1.69 they help with itching dry scalp and dandruff

I also use Apple Cider Vinegar (not shown) if I do a coconut condition pre shampoo this was $16 I think bought it awhile back lasted a long time
Simple regimen:

Wash 1x or 2x a week depending if I worked out
spray a bit of almond oil in hair after towel dry and massage
Spritz hair throughout day if a little pick me up needed
Do rinse out in shower throughout week if needed
twist or interlock hair every 4~6 weeks (got to let those roots do them thangs)
At night I usually wear a satin bonnet but lately I cannot locate it for the life of me. At this point my hair is pretty soft so I dont suffer to much from lint. Will probably have to become more diligent as they mature however.
So technically everthing here did not break the bank. I was on Youtube the other day and I was listening to a lady rant on about how natural products are soooo exspensive and how during the recession with a family full of knatty heads was killing her pockets..... she wasnt lying bout that but personally I think she just wanted to bitch ya'll and youtube is paying her bills the more subcribers she has apparently she gets paid . She could just make her own no sweat ok so maybe people like to spend money cant be mad. All I'm saying is that your hair care regimen doesn't have to be difficult. Keep it light save your money and be happy in these tough times. Doing research will save you and your hair from less then stellar product.

Check this book by Julie Gabriel called "The Green Beauty Guide" a very good read for those of you wanting to switch to more greener ( the real green) products you can make at home or buy from green companies who dont fake the funk. Meaning they use real product that have benefits not some fake ass product that uses maybe less then a teaspoon of shea butter in each bottle and calls it organic. She tells it like it is and helps you make better decisions when purchasing products for your health or making them at home yourself. I hope you enjoy I certainly did.

Anyway peace out yall take care of them lovlies and be good to yourselves


Friday, July 3, 2009

Just Leave it Be!!!!

So I am very sorry to hear that our pop legend has passed onto the next realm all I can say is at least he in pain no longer. It's a shame all the suffering MJ went through and the only thing he owed us was the music nothing else. I dont know why people have to be so extra sometimes and be up in people's personal business when you weren't invited in the first place. I just pray for his children and hope that they come out in a loving, caring environment as they get older.

Now on to other business. Hair updates and boy has it ever been a month..... all that loppin and choppin and twisiting and fighting with my locs. I finally said "ok hair you win! I'm going to leave you alone. My hair is so free spirited it fought me all the way everyday I guess thats why they call it the teen stages. How do I know were at this stage? because my hair has started those little ballies at the end of the locs and it does whatever the hell it wants lol. Well I cant be mad at it one thing I do try to do is tame the frizzies by adding a little knotty boy wax , but when the jar is done that will be that. It's good to start your hair with because the stuff can wash out reall easy with hot water and shampoo but once the locking gets in there good there is no point putting stuff in there where you cant get it out later am I right? Say no to residue!!!! Anyway I went to a local indian shop today and purchased some brahmi amla oil and some coconut oil to moisterise my hair befor a good shampoo. I dont recommend anyone with newbie locs using this untill you have some serious mattage going though or you constantly get unravelling. Ive noticed that my hair has been a little dry and is in need of some help in the growth department so to help it along my purchases are supposed to help with growth and thickness along with finger stimulation hope that it works well and who doesnt like a scalp massage? I'll get my man to rub the oil in for me I deserve good treatment dont I? lol

Ive also decided to leave my hair be, meaning no twisting, no interlocking no nothing. I noticed that after interlocking some locs my roots were geting real thin and after the last accidental surgery I performed on one of my locs I think leaving it alone has been the best course of action I taken in a long while. Now I can't say I love that ol rasta farian laisser faire look but what can I say I need to thicken up my roots for progress to take place and personally it doesnt look all that bad. I'll be heading back to work soon so I'm going to have to get some major accessorizing going on can't be trepsing into work looking like a mad cave woman. I know it wont fly especially if I'm working on people's mouths and all they can see is my mess of hair but on the flip side it will keep them from thinking about the needles my dentist and I give them. Trust me I'm not evil people are just to afraid for whats good for them getting work done in your mouth aint all that bad. Anyhoo on to other lovely things here are my photos for today my hair is coming along well personally I think they could do better but what you going to do. Your hair is art and creates in ways in which you cannot I can only follow along and go with the flow. So heres to my fellow lockers, the journey and to the art we call our hair.

P.S I look a little crazy in some of the pics I was having to much fun with camera lol

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Loc Transplant

So I did the stupidest thing ever yesterday, while interlocking I ended up combining two locs together and while this is a common practice to do they just happen to be locs that were farther in distance from each other. It just didnt look good is all I'm saying and it hurt like crazy. So I went (Bing! Bright idea!) and took scissors and tried to free the culprits from each other. Now befor all this I tried untangling them but to no avail everytime I tried to run the interlocking tool backwards through the root it was like I was making a new rotation ( ouch) and it began to form a huge clump at the crown of my head. I was so desperate and in pain that I bust out the scissors and snip! there went a neighboring loc that was minding its own business. Now if I would have just calmed down and breathed a little maybe I would have thought to pin all the other locs out of the way first but no..... the pain got the best of me and I went a little nuts lol.

(These pics dont show the damage I fixed it befor I took these pics)

You know from my recent posts its seems Ive gotten a little scissor happy these days and I think its from my obssession with perfection but today was a total different story the name of the game was pain and it just had to be released. Anyway as the story goes I did manage to save my newly developed bald spot from shame and embarrassment. About 3 mths ago I got a bright idea to add extentions to my locs that did not work out but I did have some kinky human hair left over and I'm glad I did because I used some of it to salvage the loc that got mowed down. So now that everything is IRIE again I have learned my lesson and pin my locs back to keep any from straying if the scissors are needed (rare as they should be), and if I wait every 4~6 weeks as opposed to the 2 then I shouldnt really have a problem. I just had to share this because I know I'm not the only one who's gone and messed up bad (lol) this my friends is a true lesson in my journey and now I definately know that this is not a race and like my hair it is what it is.

(Here is the loc I fixed with an extention, Ive managed to blend it in pretty well hopefully it holds up until major growth happens (I need some miracle gro). Behind it is a puff of hair that is to short to loc and was apart of the collision unfortunately. Going to wait out some growth then fix it up, it's hardly noticable so I'm happy)

So for those of you who would like to know exactly what I did and perhaps have some locs that they liked to add a bit of length to :

1. Get some Kinky human hair and I stress kinky human because it wont work with synthetic the aim is to just keep it in there and leave it for good.... no it doesnt belong to you but if you have a dwarfed loc in the front that sticks out like a sore thumb then yup this is for you.

2 If youve managed to salvage a least an ince of growth grab some of the human hair thats a little thicker then the loc itself. If its thinner loc beefing it up a bit will help it just be careful not to over do it otherwise you'll have weak roots.

3. Make like your going to put in braid extentions and braid the human hair onto the loc if you like you can add a thinner piece of human hair if you want to add length.

In the end it will look like a braid loc and will take awhile to loc up in that nice cylinder shape but as it grows you can continue on as usual with whatever maintenance regimen you were using It will just have the added length. If youve managed to gain some growth but it falls out you can leave it be or you can try adding it in again. If you are looking for lenght right away adding kinky human hair to your locs will help you achieve the look you are looking for. For myself I think I'm just going to leave my knotties alone for awhile I think they have endured enough abuse from me already. Keep rockin those locs and keep smiling.

Peace and blessings


Sunday, May 31, 2009

Month 3 Switching Product

So a few days ago I was feeling pretty down and sorry for myself because my hair was looking a hot mess, I poked, prodded, lopped off, combined, decomibined and just messed about in my poor head. I really dont know what I was trying to do but as stated previously I was trying to be something that I just could never be. My locs a lot like my self are very free spirited and have a hard time conforming and although that sounds corny its pure truth. I ams what I ams and leaving my hair do its thang is the best action I could ever take for my hair. Any further and you would see a blog about my big bad baldness and what it means to me (lol).
Anyhow I went and changed some of the products Ive been using as regular staples. Seriously if you want your locs looking half decent stop using the run of the mill crap products they have on the shelves these days. I was using Pantene clarifying shampoo once every few days and although its not that particularly all that bad if used infrequently it was doing some damage to my hair. Everytime I washed my hair felt stripped and always looked dull and after a rinse with apple cider nothing revived it. ACV is good for the hair but not all the time I guess this is why they call it a journey, you vear from the beaten path occasionally. Anyway like all gradual switches that Ive been making in my life ive started using the teatree soap from Dr Bronners. It's wonderful although I find it a bit antiseptic smelling it does the job. Heck I even tried brushing my teeth with the stuff lol it said I could do it right on the bottle (reminded me of listerine with froth lol) Yeah so now my scalp is quite happy and my hair is looking nice and sheeny (ooooooh) I rinse occasionally with ACV and I use Organic Root Stimulator Locing gel to moisterize my scalp and locs and thats it so simple (I like it like that). What Ive learned from all this is that natural products are always far superior for the results you want to achieve.

Aside from the reduction of a weekly chemical bath of product Ive also decided to start a new exercise program. I went out and bought myself EA Sports Active training program for the Wii and its probably the best money Ive ever spent on myself. I'm hoping that by incorporating some exercise into my life and healthy diet I will grow my loverly locs down to my back faster. This month I will be renewed and I'll stop feeling sorry for myself because self pity does not get me to my destination faster. Anyhoo just wanted to update for tonight my bed awaits me ;3

Honestly what was I ever worrying about? my locs are looking quite loverly wouldnt you agree? :)

Cheers everyone


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Almost 3 months and just not feeling it

Today I'm feeling a little sad about my locs.... to me they arent looking like what I expectd them to and I guess thats just because my hair texture is so soft (I'm sure I'll get over it tommorow) Anyway another thing thats got me down is that I went and tried extentions in there and nope not for me. Some of them got so badly tangled in there I had to lop off a few and now I have these little buds (well two to be exact) In the center of my scalp and one in the front. To salvage I had to wrap them with some extention hair. I seriously dont know what possesed me to get up in my hair like that. I think cruising through so many blogs Ive become a little loc envious and tried to create something that I'm not. My hair is puffing up, unravelling and just plain ol acting up..... Oh I know this is part of the process but seriously can we skip this part :( Anyway just wanted to rant I'm sure I"ll feel better about the whole thing as time progresses. There are just way to many pros to stop now. Ive also been experimenting with twisting my locs but that just doesnt work for me Ive tried different methods of maintainance but I always end up going back to interlocking. I wash once every few days with pantene clarifying shampoo and rinse with ACV and then I put some ORS locking gel mixed with aloe in it (JUst for the moisture not really to loc) I wonder if my method is a bit faulty what do you Suggest? Today I ran out of shampoo so I used my husbands head and shoulders (with aloe) my head is still a bit itchie and another thing about those extentions avoid them if you have scalp problems they just add to them. I think the chemicals they use to clean the hair just sets of the itch (not worth it) I think it's going to take a few washes to get my hair PH normal again.

Locks are Beautiful

Locs are sexy