Saturday, October 31, 2009

Keep things simple ~ is my motto

Happy Halloween everyone just making my rounds. Anyway over the past few months Ive been tweaking and playing with regimens, fixing weak roots, and just week to week upkeep of my hair. After tons of trial and error Ive settled on an even simpler routine of washing once a week with an organic shampoo (non residual) a simple gel and a micro fiber wash cloth. Ive just decided that with my oh so busy life I just don't have time to sit and twist my hair. I mean don't get me wrong I love the manicured look (I dont what anyone says) but as the days go by I am learning to accept my hair and what it truly wants to do and that's be free as it can be. I noticed on You tube that some people are going the free form route (cant do it) but once again I have revisited the micro fiber rub. My locs are still soft unfortunately but Ive learned to live with it. My roots gets a deep cleansing and then a good mass twisting without me having to roll each individual loc. You can't get any simpler then this (actually you can but I'm not a fan of the one dread matted look)

1. Wet hair thoroughly
2. add shampoo
3. wash in clockwise motion with micro fiber always rubbing same way each time
4. Rinse hair thoroughly making sure all shampoo is rinsed out completely
5. squeeze out as much water as you can. You can use your micro fiber to squeeze excess water or if you have a micro fiber towel use it because it will grab up 90% of water in your locs which is especially great for avoiding mildew buildup you hair will be dry within an hour or two.
6. Put gel through out hair you don't have to soak them just the ample amount you would use in each.
7. Now Take Micro fiber and rub in clockwise or whatever comfortable position you like and rub in a circular motion always going the same way.

Now if your hair is soft like mine and not completely locked you'll probably have a bunch of fuzz everywhere and the ends will looks unraveled. No worries everything will seal up eventually but if you cant stand it don't do it. Just make sure you pull marrying locs apart. Your roots will be fully twisted and if you still feel inclined you can pick through and roll the ones you feel that need it (I still do)

Hope this helps those looking for a very simplified routine (I just couldn't do all that other stuff no more and I don't mean to sound redundant every month but it is a learning process and I am always finding new ways to manage my hair. So with that said Life is beautiful when you can make time to smell the roses.

Peace and blessings y'all


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oct is MOnth 7 Yall Boo Yah!!!

Just doing a quick update. Last night my ropes were looking a hot mess and I stayed up all night wrapping them to make myself happy lol. I was so tired at work but on the upside they are looking the way I wanted them to. I had to latch a few but Ive been really trying not to do that to much but just rely on water and my favorite gel. Like Ive said before I'm deathly afraid of thin roots so Ive been leaving them to nature to do their thing and I'm so lazy I don't want to clip anything either. The wrapping has been working as they are starting to become uniform and united as time goes on. Ive also switched to a shampoo a friend let me try from Norwex called Aloe Vera shampoo which is almost 98.9 % organic except for maybe a preservative added in at the end which isn't to bad still about 3-4 on the toxin scale which I can say is better then most products out there. I'm also trying the bi weekly wash with this cause hell y'all she want to be selling this shampoo from Italy at 25 bucks a pop but hey you get what you pay for and I have to say I'm quite pleased. It has allowed my hair to stay moisturized without the extra residue and So far I haven't had to break out much product except my gel to re twist when required. This is probably a keeper and better then the Bronner Ive been using only because I don't have to ACV afterward which is a plus in my books (again the laziness lol) I spritz in the morning with water then go bout my biz. I'm so impatient I was also tempted to add extensions because I want the length but then what would be the point of the journey right? Life is good keep up the good fight yall XD

MuCh LOve


Locks are Beautiful

Locs are sexy