Monday, August 2, 2010

1 Year and 6 months

So Ive been absent for awhile. I made my mark then I disappeared just like that :). I know Ive been bad not coming on here enough but with life and all you know how it goes. So a little update to show you what Ive been up to. Some products Ive tested out and the like. I have some ups and down with my hair and sometimes I feel a little remorseful that I didn't start my locs a little smaller but its been ok. I haven't had a problem keeping lint down ( I still sleep with a bonnet on always) and I'm still testing the waters on what shampoos my hair likes.

So far its proven very picky. I use two clarifyers  one called " Live Clean" and another called "Tresemme". As a weekly shampoo I use Aveeno baby oatmeal body and hair shampoo. Does not leave a heavy if any residue and it doesnt leave my hair dry. I think Ive become partial to the Aveeno line however I use almost everything they have and I'm never dissapointed. I smell nice all the time lol

To help my hair loc (although my hair is almost fully locked anyway) I use three things

1. my interlocking tool ( Carpet Latch hook) can be bought at Walmart for $1.95 believe it

2. Knotty Boy "Locksteady" Gel use sparingly could leave your hair crusty I use it to tame my fuzz

3. Jamaican mango and lime locking gel love the smell I use it mostly for the smell really doesn't work as well as the knotty boy.

That's about it and mainly Ive learned to leave my hair alone. I groom as needed and I just enjoy here are a few pics

Have a wonderful day 

1yr 6mths
1st day
6 mths

Locks are Beautiful

Locs are sexy