Monday, August 2, 2010

1 Year and 6 months

So Ive been absent for awhile. I made my mark then I disappeared just like that :). I know Ive been bad not coming on here enough but with life and all you know how it goes. So a little update to show you what Ive been up to. Some products Ive tested out and the like. I have some ups and down with my hair and sometimes I feel a little remorseful that I didn't start my locs a little smaller but its been ok. I haven't had a problem keeping lint down ( I still sleep with a bonnet on always) and I'm still testing the waters on what shampoos my hair likes.

So far its proven very picky. I use two clarifyers  one called " Live Clean" and another called "Tresemme". As a weekly shampoo I use Aveeno baby oatmeal body and hair shampoo. Does not leave a heavy if any residue and it doesnt leave my hair dry. I think Ive become partial to the Aveeno line however I use almost everything they have and I'm never dissapointed. I smell nice all the time lol

To help my hair loc (although my hair is almost fully locked anyway) I use three things

1. my interlocking tool ( Carpet Latch hook) can be bought at Walmart for $1.95 believe it

2. Knotty Boy "Locksteady" Gel use sparingly could leave your hair crusty I use it to tame my fuzz

3. Jamaican mango and lime locking gel love the smell I use it mostly for the smell really doesn't work as well as the knotty boy.

That's about it and mainly Ive learned to leave my hair alone. I groom as needed and I just enjoy here are a few pics

Have a wonderful day 

1yr 6mths
1st day
6 mths

Friday, March 12, 2010

Anniversary Year 1 I made it yea for me!!!!!!

So I made it! 

~I want to thank my hair because with out you this wouldn't have been possible. Here's to another wonderful year of discovery. :)

Things Ive learned

~ You can never rush a good thing
~ Patience is really and truly a virtue
~ I love headbands
~ My Long hair (can u believe) drives me nuts
~ I'm forever changing routines got to find what I like
~ KISS keep it simple stupid lol
~ I'm really appreciating my hair in its natural state its free spirited like me

 My new regimen of course

~ Wash hair as needed 1-2x a week(I'm almost fully locked yo few softies about though)
~ Moisturize with a product called Wild Growth Hair oil (This product is the bomb has all the essential oils you probably use now but combined in one. Funky as hell but the pros outweigh the cons. Love it no mineral or synthetic stuff
~ In between washes if needed I use the light moisturizer from same brand (yellow bottle) make my hair shiny
~I twist after washing with Jamaican Mango and lime locking gel this stuff smells so good you just might want to eat some (but don't)
~ I still interlock cant help it makes my locs look a bit more uniform. I tried free forming but I just couldn't do it maybe sooner then later.
~I keep it covered most nights when sleeping I haven't had much lint problems. Found a few at the back because of my fuzzy hat but it is what it is. Ive decided to crochet a black one so at least it will be black lint :)

Anniversary Pics 

Peace love and blessings 

Monday, January 4, 2010

Bringing in 2010 Happy New Years!!!!

Hello all you good people sorry for a not posting last month but I didn't think it was going to matter being that my hair didn't change much from Nov to Dec. Anyway here's to a new year and fresh slate, hoping everyone was treated nicely by Santa and that this year will be the year you choose to do you. What I mean by that is taking care of yourself, enjoying life the little things and appreciating what you have right now. I decided that I am not going to make any resolutions this year because quite frankly it is a silly tradition that really no one adheres to anyway (Good try though). I think people should just try to change things gradually if its for the better and just live life no looking back (to much) just forward. Hey I even took up the drums this year something I thought I would never ever do. I'm totally a rocker chick now beating them drums is real good therapy lol.

So onto some hair business I must say one thing though if I decided to have one resolution it's to post more on this blog. I seriously don't do enough of that posting is fun but what to talk about is the question there is only so much verbal diarrhea one can spew out and in context mind you.

About this time Ive come to terms with my hair (finally) I still love staring at it in the mirror and I can't believe its me. Ive come this far and I am love love loving what my hair is doing right now but I have learned to keep my hands out of my head and its helped. I was training the girls and boys (yes well.... they are my babies right?) a little to much and got carried away. I almost twisted some of them off and over time Ive had to go and buy Afro human hair from the salon and fix some weakened locs because they would have just broken off if I left them (not cool). I still have some hair in my closet that I use for emergencies if needed. Please don't let anyone tell you its wrong to put extensions in your hair because the journey will not be authentic this is BS. If needed sometimes they will save you from tears and drama if you learn to DIY. You could use some of your own hair if you have some saved from previous comb outs but really how often do you do that? Really don't be afraid to add some length if that's what you want right now. Ive added in some for thickness in ones that started way to thin for my liking and now its all meshed together quite nicely. The only thing I really hated was the antiseptic or chemical they used to process the hair before selling and that smell lasted for a long time (gone now) I guess this was for hygiene purposes (nasty stuff).

Tip: use human hair and not synthetic. I saw some movies on youtube talking about gluing in synthetic hair to wrap around your locs not a good look IMO. Synthetic will not do what you want it to do in the long run and its plastic I mean how long do you really want that in there if your going for the long haul anyway? Unless your going to be cutting it out after awhile spend a little more and invest in some afro human hair. Trust me that little bag of hair you purchased will last you a millennium if you take care of your own hair and use it just for touch ups and fixes.

Moving on I still cant decide what I like to wash my hair with or moisturize with. For Christmas I got a gift card and I went to the Bay (equivalent to a Macy s in the States) and bought me Crabtree and Evelyn luxury Jojoba Lotion and Body wash. Expensive yes but I tell you that stuff was so thick and made my skin feel silky smooth I thought hmm what will happen if I pour some on my head. Sure enough one wash made my hair clean, left it smelling gorgeous, no build up in sight and moisturized. Sigh~ what will I do when it all runs out? Probably go back and buy more lol hell yeah. I also still like to mix it up with my lush shampoo bar smelling like Shakura and apple Blossoms in Japan on a spring day :) it also has a little sea salt in it to help matt up them dreaddies a little faster. As I always say just find what works for you and use it. As long as it leaves me smelling fabulous non itchy and moisturized especially in the cold I live in (We have had the record breaking highest temps here in winter)I am happy as a pig in a pile. I also *GASP* found some lint in my hair I almost cried but then I settled down and went out and bought me a satin head bonnet to discourage more lint from taking roost in my head. I mean technically Lint is what holds your locs together right? (Don't act like you didn't know) take a blade and slice one of them open if your inclined its there unless your a newbie and just starting out. For some reason dirt and lint will accumulate in the core of your locs. You can do something about the dirt but the lint is another story all together. If you let them get to unruly and not take preventative measures then you'll have dull looking locs and for those who want to keep lint at bay here are a few things you can do:

1. For the patient pick it out with tweezers (however you'll get holes in your locs but if you like that then go for it)
2. Dye them
3. Leave them be its what Jah intended anyway no disrespect
4. Get a sharpie and go to town (in your favorite colors of course)
5. Keep your hair covered under fuzzy jackets and while sleeping at night or while lounging around the house ( Personally I don't cover my head when I'm chillaxing about but I do wear my bonnet to bed every single night. I even bought myself I bright red one so I will find it anywhere I decide to throw it. They also keep lint from accumulating as well (why is it that you see most dreddies walking around with tams on anyway? It keeps the hair clean and almost lint free.
6. Use Micro fiber to dry your hair after a wash it sucks up more water then the conventional towel and leaves virtually no lint behind. I use Micro fiber on everything yall its the best!
7. Extreme!!!! Cry your eyes out shave your head and grow a new set....... Just Kidding don't go and do that like I said Lint is everywhere you can't escape it so enjoy your hair for what it is. Seriously

Anyway Here are some more pics for my 10 month update enjoy have a happy and healthy new years again till next time enjoy them locs!

Locks are Beautiful

Locs are sexy