Friday, March 12, 2010

Anniversary Year 1 I made it yea for me!!!!!!

So I made it! 

~I want to thank my hair because with out you this wouldn't have been possible. Here's to another wonderful year of discovery. :)

Things Ive learned

~ You can never rush a good thing
~ Patience is really and truly a virtue
~ I love headbands
~ My Long hair (can u believe) drives me nuts
~ I'm forever changing routines got to find what I like
~ KISS keep it simple stupid lol
~ I'm really appreciating my hair in its natural state its free spirited like me

 My new regimen of course

~ Wash hair as needed 1-2x a week(I'm almost fully locked yo few softies about though)
~ Moisturize with a product called Wild Growth Hair oil (This product is the bomb has all the essential oils you probably use now but combined in one. Funky as hell but the pros outweigh the cons. Love it no mineral or synthetic stuff
~ In between washes if needed I use the light moisturizer from same brand (yellow bottle) make my hair shiny
~I twist after washing with Jamaican Mango and lime locking gel this stuff smells so good you just might want to eat some (but don't)
~ I still interlock cant help it makes my locs look a bit more uniform. I tried free forming but I just couldn't do it maybe sooner then later.
~I keep it covered most nights when sleeping I haven't had much lint problems. Found a few at the back because of my fuzzy hat but it is what it is. Ive decided to crochet a black one so at least it will be black lint :)

Anniversary Pics 

Peace love and blessings 

Locks are Beautiful

Locs are sexy