Friday, April 24, 2009

Micro Fiber to twists your locs....NAW?!

Tried it and it was ok but I think I'll stick to manual twisting and maybe do this once a week or something

Ok so I have to admit I'm lazy ..... scratch that I like to work smart not hard. I was looking through my email and noticed from one of my locking groups a vid from you tube. This guy had a super simple way of maintaining his locks.... He was using a micro fiber cloth to twists his locs. I was like what!!!? let me see this thing here I didnt believe it. He had this cloth and he explained that you use it in a continuous circular motion going in one direction around the head. He was rubbing so vigurously I thought he was going to break his neck but when he was done his locks were all tight.... I was like no way!!! I have to try this for myself so of course I grabbed a micro fiber cloth I bought from the dollar store. Nope no good left my locs all puffy and I had little dragons starting everywhere. I emailed him and asked him where I went wrong. He graciously sent me an email stating what I could have done wrong and that I should continue because I would see results with patience. I tell you the number one problem I had was using a cheap dollar store brand of micro fiber, it grabbed at nothing so therefor it would not twist the my locks in the desired way I wanted. The next problem was I was rubbing all over the place instead of rubbing in a uniform circular motion... If you rub your hair to the left then stay to the left always. So again 2nd attempt I bought micro fiber from walmart in the 3 pack for $6 bucks yall and what a deal :) . I washed my hair with just water and rubbed with the cloth and one thing is for sure my scalp is sqeaky clean. There is no itching and my scalp is stimulated from all the rubbing (sweet) Anyway I am happy with the results and since my hair has been so stubborn to lock (especially the front) and I even interlock most of the time, all those frizzies I'm creating will have my hair locking in no time. I dont think I'll stop interlocking all together but Im not down for the three hour twisting sessions either but if I can cut down any time to 10 mins that is all I need. Well all I can say is for me is that it works to an extent but the guy on the tutorial has beautiful dreads . I'll probably do this method once a week to create frizz and interlock where needed. The only thing with this technique though is that you have to watch out for double headed dragons. It's always best to go through the hair and make sure that a few locs havnt gone and married each other If your ok with this however then it's all good and also check to see if any of your locks have become very thin. I didnt realize that I had a few locs on the brink of extinction and had to combine some. People with very thin locks should stay away from this technique if you have pencil width locks or a little bigger then it should be ok. Anyway just thought I'd share a little something I learned today, check out his vid . ;)

Ive also included the web site for norwex (a micro fiber site) too.

Happy locing yall

Monday, April 13, 2009

4 vs 3 and 2 pt rotations

Hey yall
Ive been interlocking my hair now for awhile and my hair is curly enough to have naps but not nappy enough to stay put go figure. Anyway Ive been using 2 pt rotations since I started locking my hair but Ive been noticing that my hair has a bunch of holes in them and as soon as the hair starts growing my locks have become very loose so I guess it doesnt pay to use shortcuts. This def is not good in my books so I did a little experiment. Some locks that started with 2 pts I left alone, and some other locks I did 3 pts because they couldnt go further and lastly others that have grown a mile Ive used 4pts. I found that the 4 pts are denser and look more uniform. I suppose in the beginning I was being lazy but now I know that to acheive the ideal cylinder shape you must use 4 pt rotations. You wont get the lumpy bumpy locks and not to mention those blasted Ys every where (*hate em!) yeah well thats my little tid bit of wisdom. Ive made a chart hope it can help anyone who would like to use this method : ) .... See yall later going togo change all my 2pt to 4pt.

Update (May 11/09)
Here is what you can get if you use a certain pt rotations technically no point rotation used is bad for your hair, but for my hair I found that it was looser using the 2pt rotation. What I failed to remember was that everyone has different textures of hair so use the rotation system as to your requirements. 2pt rotations can work for you if you would like a quick way to lock up and have denser hair, this might provide a way for your hair to mesh within the holes but for my hair this rotation left spaces which I did not like so I switched over to a 3 pt and 4 pt rotation. Here are the differences as follows

~2pt rotations leave a looser more softer lock I personally did not like this rotation because it left spaces in my locks. For some it might work for them because hair does eventually mesh together . For me I just didnt like the feel of it so I switched

~3 pt Ive settled between the two. This rotation allows for the cylinder shape I want however after reading Kalia Dewdrops blog I had to agree with her that this one was probably the best (for me anyway)between the two. My locs became not to tight but not to loose either. I have kinky wavy hair and it unravels constantly. If you like the look of really thin locks then go up to the next rotation.

~4pt Probably the best if you want to maintain thinner looking locks. It's basically whatever your preference is. All provide a cylinder shaped lock except they differ in width and tightness

(click to enlarge)

Tightening up those babies

Another thing I also managed to do was tighten up the loose hairs all up and down my locks. I just use the same method that I used to interlock my roots, only I look for loose holes along the lock and work my way up or down. The only thing you have to watch out for is pulling the lock through the same whole twice. You'll always have to go back and pull those out which isnt much of a problem but if you leave them you will have great big holes in your locs (not cool as the lock will become weak) This allows the hair to dense up even quicker and you'll arrive at your destination much sooner (Ah victory lol) Anyway happy locking yall. :)

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Month 1

So were into the second month and Ive been officially locked for 1 whole mth now ( I didnt take anything out or restart I swear!) and you know what? it feels so good lol. I get up, then wash and go. Seriously who has time to sit around and press their hair (NOt I) anyway I just wanted to update and show you the process as I go along. I found that my hair is very soft especially in the front and unravels constantly especially the front so ive resorted to braiding a few locks here and there but hey I still look cute :P Ive also loosened some big ones and made them smaller I like how the smaller ones look and feel.
Day 1 mth 1
Ok well the differences may not seem like much but if you look closely my hair is starting to dense up a bit. It's not as loose and Ive been interlocking with a copper tool I made and wrapped with a plastic strip. It works awesome for my hair when I can locate it lol. I can't wait to see what my hair does 6 mths from now.

Here are a few more pics with different angles Ive also noticed that my tips are turning golden brown dont know if thats just naturally occuring but I really like it. I think when I reach my lock anniversary I will treat them to some henna and we'll really see the magic~enjoy:

I know I have to embrace them but enough with the frizzies already Oy veh!

Locks are Beautiful

Locs are sexy