Sunday, August 23, 2009

6mths and half way there

So here I am posting an update to commemorate my half way mark. Feels good that I am still going strong and learning a little about myself as time progresses. This august I have officially returned back to work from almost a full year of mat leave and I have to say that I was filled with so much anxiety because I did not know if my hair would be accepted by my peers or bosses . I mean for so long I was wearing relaxers and thought that this was the only acceptable hairstyle in my profession or any job for that matter, but you know what? why is it that other people can wear their natural hair at least (naturally straight) in a regular pony tail and I have to go out buy a relaxer to do this? Why can't I wear my hair naturally and rock a pony tail my way (naturally kinky)? Seriously though folks it was my own way of thinking that kept me from being who I am. My peers never had a problem with my hair as long I kept it neat. I look professional and my hair looks cute with all the headbands Ive been wearing and all and Ive gradually progressed going from natural curls to the locs, it shouldn't have been surprising. No one said anything negative or if they were thinking it they sure did not even gave a hint of animosity about it. I mean who's going to have a staff meeting about someones natural hair? but getting to the point I think that most other black people have a problem with the whole natural hair thing and if I were amongst many more black people in my work place I might have been sent straight home with a relaxer kit in hand and told not to come back till I was good and proper. If I were working for my mother (she has her own business) my hair would not be appropriate and I would have to wear wigs everyday to work. I just think we all have to push on and not be afraid to answer people's questions and have good but constructive comebacks to comments when dealing with the hair issue and for Pete's sake lets keep the hair neat and presentable if possible. The other day I had a friend ask me if I washed my hair and I told him "of course" he said that he met another person who had dreads but it was a hot ass mess and their head stunk something awful, and this was coming from a white friend mind you. This "dread head" already gave my friend a bad perception of what having locs were all about and that all dreadies were probably the same. I set this man correct, I even let him smell my hair. Lol we probably looked like a pair of chimps having a go at it but hey anything to set the record straight right? People are going to be curious and ask. No one should really get offended when people just want answers to what could come across as ignorant questi0ns. Otherwise my foot would have definitely come off in someones ass if they were getting fresh with me for real though.

On another note if I were most major companies Sheen Carson (dark& lovely) or whom ever are in the business of selling relaxer and chemicals to make the nappy heads look "appropriate" in any setting I would try to send out the message that going nappy headed is very unprofessional. I would try my darn hardest to get the newbie naturals to come back to the crack or at least use my products for their new found endeavor.

People who are now choosing to explore their natural side should have the right to do so, but at the same time we should allow people the right to keep the relaxer if they want to as well. Why become a Jehovah's witness to going natural and try to shout out the good word then stomp on people for staying on the creamy crack? Dang! some people just look good with a perm. Hey dying ones hair is a chemical job too why don't we stomp on them as well?...... I just can not condone the judging of people for not wanting to switch. It's like trying to get someone who's been smoking cigarettes non stop for 20 years to quit cold turkey. It's not impossible but sure the heck hard. I think that if more people choose to go natural let your hair speak for it's self if people like what they see and ask you for info then freely give it. Don't chase em off with the non creamy crack propaganda. More and more people are choosing to explore themselves and others are following because that's what they were born to do right? I think some people are a little to militant with the hair thing. I am just glad the internet was here and that people were kind enough to share info on their hair. It took me a good 5 years to finally go natural then 3 more years to lock. Without the plethora of info on here I would probably still be hauling ass to the salon every two weeks. (I just don't have the money for all that) and even though some people still do and they be looking good too kudos to you for it but I still and will always be a DIY. Anyway just wanted to drop my little two cents for today wishing all my fellow lockers and those considering peace and blessings.

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