Friday, February 18, 2011

Free forming: New beginnings

 Ok so I'm feeling good again and decided to embark on a new adventure in this journey. I took a little hiatus and decided to quit blogging because I felt there was not much more to say about my locs after reaching ahh almost 2 years this coming March. I am now back with a new perspective and I have decided to start free forming. For me this is a biggie because I am straight addicted to interlocking using a latch hook.. Personally I think interlocking is the best way to do locs but through much consideration I would like to give my hair a chance to do its thing on its own. Now I'm not saying I'm gonna go and just leave them be I'm definitely  not a fan of organics (Ive seen some nastiness on the net and elsewhere and I do not want to take part). I plan to do the "tug pull and separate method". This is not completely a definitive however because I just might get the itch  pull out the tool and go crazy. I hate fuzzy's and nappies and the such but then again why did I choose loc in the first place. I love my locs as they are now but I feel I could go much further and enjoy them so much more (I'm lazy remember? I thought this was suppose to be an easy maintenance free hair style choice my hands are up in my head constantly). I think one should cultivate their locs but at the same time not mow them down to mulch (over twisting and manipulation leads to thinning and breakage trust me I know been there done that) Anyway thanks for tuning in I just washed and retwisted my hair last week and I can't find my blasted camera so I'll do a pic post next month. Heres to a new beginning yet again on to year part 2: The Free forming years anyone else consider this method of maintenance chime in would love to link up wit you and see pics.Here is a little update for yall


Love ya long time :S


Locks are Beautiful

Locs are sexy