Saturday, November 14, 2009

MOnth 8 Beautifyed

So I have to admit I don't give myself enough pampering these days since becoming a mom 3 1/2 years ago and just plain working all the time. Today I decided would be a fine time to start taking care of my inner girl and get a bit glammed up. Well I wouldn't take it to that extreme but after my little home makeover a felt a whole lot prettier not to mention I am feeling my hair still loving the journey ..... Heck I might even treapsy over to the gym if I'm feeling slick tomorrow but I wont push it. For my hair I bought a massage bar that smelled so good from a body store called LUSH that sells the nicest pamper items ever. The bar is made of pure Shea, Cocoa and other natural ingredients that left me smelling real nice. It also makes a great massage bar for those dry elbows and knees I might even treat my hubby to massage if he treats me right lol. So let me tell you what I got on my little excursion:

A Sephora sampler for $38 bucks:

~Korres lip balm
~Korres mascara
~Tarte cheek stain
~Tarte mascara
~Lorac eye shadow
~Lorac bronzer
~Smashbox lipgloss
~Givenchy lipgloss
~Sephora nail laquer

I was thrilled because the box had all the colors that complimented me and let me tell you even though these were ample sample sizes, what I got was a steal because one product by itself could run you about $25-30. Which to me is a rip off I would rather have my cake, taste my cake and enjoy the damn thing while I can. So get in where you can fit in is all I'm saying there is nothing wrong with sampling products because quite frankly if you don't like it why be wasteful and throw away something you paid an arm and leg for. Now I'm a thrifty gal and I know there are other ladies out there who would spend that extra 50 bucks on lip gloss but no sah not me. Anyway I'm glad Sephora thinks of women like me who would like to try before she buys.

I also went to this store called showcase and bought a makeup kit(again if you can get your moneys worth in a one time kit your good to go) for $60 I got me a Sheer Cover makeup set.
Let me tell you I am in love with this stuff and If your a black girl ( caramel/mocha shade according to the box ) like me you and I both know that finding makeup isn't that easy. with all our beautiful tones and hues finding the perfect match is a little more then daunting. With Sheer Cover a mineral foundation you can blend and customize your own shade to your specifications (LOve it!) cant do that with a single foundation. I also tried a comparable brand in Sephora called Bare Minerals that might match us a little better for darker hues but I'm going to stick with Sheer because its much more affordable and let me tell you lucky ducklings that live in the states can get this kit for $30 something bucks while I (Canadian) have to spend a bit more. Ah well its worth it for what I can do with it.

Here's what I got in my kit:

2 Mineral foundations with SPF 15 ( I got shade Dark)
Duo concealer (2 shades)
Purifying Cleanser (skin felt smooth and nice after)
SPF 15 moisturizer (and get this you can blend with the mineral makeup to make a tinted moisturizer Love it!)
Black brown mascara
Powder brush
Contouring brush Precision concealing brush Sheer cover color compact

So my dears I am so happy because for my budget I did not go over (so proud) I bought all this. Sometimes you can spend some time and money on yourself while being thrifty and guilt free if you feel good then everyone else around you will too No doubt. If you have the extra funds I say go for it girl. You earned it so burn it.... do the damn thing!

How bout y'all Drop me a note and tell me what items you think are hot. I think I might just start adding some great finds and things I think are hot for a big gyal like me to this blog why not?. Especially in these times being thrifty is alright and you can still look and feel good. Next purchases maybe ( a little pricey but the girl is around my way in style) Gwen Stephani Lamb or hirajuku perfumes She's got that Caribbean flavor and I like it Big it up! . I'm also feeling the urban vibe from Kimora Lee Simmons some of her stuff are nice too maybe I can get something on clearance lol.

Anyway Peace out y'all till next month


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