Thursday, March 19, 2009

3 weeks later

1st day week three

Yes so I decided to wash and interlock 2 weeks in because honestly I can't wait 2 months. When my scalp starts to itch, I need to wash my hair you know what I'm saying? Anyway just wanted to update with some pics for the matte progression. As you can see my hair is starting to curl here there and everywhere with loose strands all over the place. My hair keeps unraveling from the twists but interlocking the roots seem to help keep them somewhat in place. So far Ive been having some trouble with two headed dragons but I guess it's inevitable after I wash my hair. I think when I start seeing some condensing I will consider lopping these little monsters at the ends off or maybe I'll just leave them be and see what happens. I'm a little impatient but I'm trying not to sweat the small stuff life is way to short for that. =)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Starting all over again

The Natural Transition to Locs

All me all natural (Sept 2008)

So like I said in my intro this will be my third start and the very first few times I have to say were trial and error. I think that now I have an idea where I should be heading. After reading many blogs and loc sites I understand my hair a little better and I have a handle on what not to do with my locs. Here are some shots of my natural hair while I was pregnant then my first attempts at locing.

1st attempt (Oct 2008)

At first I tried locing my hair by just picking and grabbing hair from anywhere but honestly that was not a good idea. Because I could not see what I was doing many of the parts were to big and were pulling from weired angles. At the same time to tighten them up I was interlocking using a tool I made from a pin and some tape (looks like the tool you see selling online for interlocking but I'm cheap what can I say I refuse to pay 20 bucks for something I can make myself)

Long story short I was interlocking dry hair (bad idea) had " Hand in the head Syndrome" and I was using dread wax. Actually the type of wax I was using isnt so bad it's knotty boy wax and if used in minute amounts can be washed out with clarifying shampoo and hot water.

2nd attempt (Dec 2008)

The second time they looked a lot nicer and the parts were more uniformed but again I was not happy with the size and part locations (I think I'm too picky). After a few months of interlocking and waxing and the trip to Jamica meant they had to come down.

3rd and final attempt (hopefully) (Mar 2009)

Now I have my locs where I want them and even so Ive decided to just let them be. Ive learned thats it's a process and that I have to accept my hair for what it is. I'm hoping that in the end they will dense up real good look nice and I'll be at a good place in my life.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

My beautiful visit to Jamaica (Feb 2009)

Beautiful Sunny Jamaica!!!!!

After 18 years I decided to visit my country of origin the beautiful sunny Jamaica. It was my grandmother's 80th birthday and I was looking forward to visiting relatives. I had a wonderful time, the sun was always shining and I could stay on the beach forever. Seeing family again was the true highlight of my stay and I promise myself that I have to return again soon.

My hair was in the beginning process of dreads but I wasnt sure I liked the way they looked so of course I took them down over a three day period and had them braided by my cousin. I liked them but of course synthetics just dont agree with my skin for some reason and itched the heck out of my scalp. I told my self when I returned home I would start my locs again. It's funny when I was a teenager I always liked having my hair done in braides and would sit for hours to get it done, but now a days I just don't have the patience to sit long hours, or even keep them in for the intended time. My mom said I just wasted my money but honestly I just did it for picture sake since I had nothing to hide my dreads nest lol.

I saw a young woman and her husband who were both sporting beautiful locs. I just had to go over and talk to her and she was very nice and told me that the beginning process as I have read befor would make me feel like taking my hair down. Sticking through it would bare the fruits of my labour if I cared for them properly. Here where I live I have to learn to do them myself because not a lot of black people here sport natural styles and the stylists being limited are money hungry which means quantity over quality unfortunately. I don't mind being a pioneer in my city.... Patience is a virtue and I have
no choice but to wait for my end goal.


My Cousin Blacka and his Dreads

So I just had to get in some pictures of my cousins locs and they are awesome. He's had them now for over 20 years and they almost reach down to his ankles. I always thought his locs were beautiful and admired them as a child. He is a rastafarian and I have to say that although I want my own set of locs I'm not going to be following in his faith of practice ( No disrepect) rastas hold Ja as the very most high.

Anyway enjoy.... he informed me that his were free formed and left to nature. He washes them when needed and keeps them wrapped up most of the time when out and about (He's a farmer). He usually keeps them piled like a hat on his head and takes them down once in while (at a cousins request lol)

Locks are Beautiful

Locs are sexy