Sunday, May 31, 2009

Month 3 Switching Product

So a few days ago I was feeling pretty down and sorry for myself because my hair was looking a hot mess, I poked, prodded, lopped off, combined, decomibined and just messed about in my poor head. I really dont know what I was trying to do but as stated previously I was trying to be something that I just could never be. My locs a lot like my self are very free spirited and have a hard time conforming and although that sounds corny its pure truth. I ams what I ams and leaving my hair do its thang is the best action I could ever take for my hair. Any further and you would see a blog about my big bad baldness and what it means to me (lol).
Anyhow I went and changed some of the products Ive been using as regular staples. Seriously if you want your locs looking half decent stop using the run of the mill crap products they have on the shelves these days. I was using Pantene clarifying shampoo once every few days and although its not that particularly all that bad if used infrequently it was doing some damage to my hair. Everytime I washed my hair felt stripped and always looked dull and after a rinse with apple cider nothing revived it. ACV is good for the hair but not all the time I guess this is why they call it a journey, you vear from the beaten path occasionally. Anyway like all gradual switches that Ive been making in my life ive started using the teatree soap from Dr Bronners. It's wonderful although I find it a bit antiseptic smelling it does the job. Heck I even tried brushing my teeth with the stuff lol it said I could do it right on the bottle (reminded me of listerine with froth lol) Yeah so now my scalp is quite happy and my hair is looking nice and sheeny (ooooooh) I rinse occasionally with ACV and I use Organic Root Stimulator Locing gel to moisterize my scalp and locs and thats it so simple (I like it like that). What Ive learned from all this is that natural products are always far superior for the results you want to achieve.

Aside from the reduction of a weekly chemical bath of product Ive also decided to start a new exercise program. I went out and bought myself EA Sports Active training program for the Wii and its probably the best money Ive ever spent on myself. I'm hoping that by incorporating some exercise into my life and healthy diet I will grow my loverly locs down to my back faster. This month I will be renewed and I'll stop feeling sorry for myself because self pity does not get me to my destination faster. Anyhoo just wanted to update for tonight my bed awaits me ;3

Honestly what was I ever worrying about? my locs are looking quite loverly wouldnt you agree? :)

Cheers everyone


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Almost 3 months and just not feeling it

Today I'm feeling a little sad about my locs.... to me they arent looking like what I expectd them to and I guess thats just because my hair texture is so soft (I'm sure I'll get over it tommorow) Anyway another thing thats got me down is that I went and tried extentions in there and nope not for me. Some of them got so badly tangled in there I had to lop off a few and now I have these little buds (well two to be exact) In the center of my scalp and one in the front. To salvage I had to wrap them with some extention hair. I seriously dont know what possesed me to get up in my hair like that. I think cruising through so many blogs Ive become a little loc envious and tried to create something that I'm not. My hair is puffing up, unravelling and just plain ol acting up..... Oh I know this is part of the process but seriously can we skip this part :( Anyway just wanted to rant I'm sure I"ll feel better about the whole thing as time progresses. There are just way to many pros to stop now. Ive also been experimenting with twisting my locs but that just doesnt work for me Ive tried different methods of maintainance but I always end up going back to interlocking. I wash once every few days with pantene clarifying shampoo and rinse with ACV and then I put some ORS locking gel mixed with aloe in it (JUst for the moisture not really to loc) I wonder if my method is a bit faulty what do you Suggest? Today I ran out of shampoo so I used my husbands head and shoulders (with aloe) my head is still a bit itchie and another thing about those extentions avoid them if you have scalp problems they just add to them. I think the chemicals they use to clean the hair just sets of the itch (not worth it) I think it's going to take a few washes to get my hair PH normal again.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Kreative Blogger Award

Well I have to say I was quite surprised to recieve this, but thank you Kumina for thinking of me. Kumina's blog has been a wonderful place on the net I like to visit and see her on her journey. Since starting my own I have learned so much and know that I'll be facing even more challenges as I go through all stages of locking. Anyway I'm going to list the 7 things I love and then pass on this award to other Inspiring recipients

1. I love eating (who doesnt? I enjoy good food)

2. My children they are my world and life ( I never thought they would change my world and how they did for the better.)

3. I love playing with makeup ( Although I like going natural it's fun to "makeup" sometimes)

4. My locs ( They have help me to accept "me" inside and out good and bad)

5. I love a good book (reading opens your mind to many possibilities)

6. I love my guy (He's my support system when all else fails he loves me "Flaws and all")

7. Last but not least I truly love myself. Mind body and soul If I dont who else will :)

Well there it is and now the award goes to:

Kalia Dewdrop

Writing Addict






So ladies I chose you. Your blogs are wonderful and I wanted to let you know. Since I was tagged I had to pick 7 people to give this award to but you can choose as many recipients as you like.

Happy locing


Friday, May 8, 2009

The Reasons

So I'm wandering the net through the many wonderful blogs Ive come across and fell on this one site that really inspired me. "the road to queendom" I seriously felt like wow this is where it's at. She had so many beautiful ladies on there who wore their locs beautifully and one questioned she posed was why have you chose to wear locs? Well honestly I never given it much thought till then. After sitting and comtemplationg the whys Ive found personally that Ive decided to lock my hair because it's what nature intended. I'm such a free spirit and yes although locking ones hair is no means low maintenance as people think, having my hair locked allows me to express myself in it's most natural form and Ive never felt freer in my life. Always having to go to the salon and sit through hours of chemicals or braidings or any hair related venture took time away from my life and I'm sorry I never had the courage to loc sooner. Locking my hair teaches me patients and the willingness to accept myself for who I am and show others that it's ok to be your self and not what hollywood wants you to be. Locking my hair means I have to say yes I'm locking because I can and debunking the myths that surround locking hair. I am beautiful and Ive never felt so much more then now. I wake up with a smile on my face and say "Hey this is me and this is my hair" and I love it. God has given me choices and Ive decided to take care of my temple starting with my hair it can only get better from there. ;3

Peace and Blessings

Sunday, May 3, 2009

¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨ ¨°º¤ø„¸2nd Mth Locked ¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨ ¨°º¤ø„¸

Month 2

Well here it is Ive made it through another mth and I have to say it's not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Ive learned to let things go and leave my hair be because enjoying life is what its all about. Ive combined and tightened a few bumpy locs with thread and Ive started playing around with free forming my locs (being that I'm free spirited and dont do regimens well) I really liked the whole micro fiber twisiting thing. All I know is that I have to be mindful of weak locs, if you have really thin locs it's not a good idea to do this method or you'll have locs ending up in the cloth itself. So far the locking is occuring much faster then I expected because of all the frizz I'm creating. I'm one for neat locs but at this stage I guess if it speeds things along who am I to question the process right? I rub my hair while I wash and I rub it after to dry it, then I put locking gel in and rub some more (I'm liking this method for the speed) after that I pull apart hugging locs to make sure I dont get double headed dragons. If I have holes I go back to my interlocking method and fix them up and if I need a true fix up I always know I can go back to my 4pt rotations but I found that freeforming allows my new growth to grow and thicken up nicely befor I decide to tackle it.

My Secret love affair with Knotty Boy Loc wax
(Yeah I know :/ bad for the hair hasnt caused me any grief however)

Me being silly initially I had been using knotty boy wax to start my hair in my 1st and 2nd try. The third time I just decided I would use aloe vera. I have to admit though I never got the build up with this product it's actually great if you use the right shampoo and hot water to wash it out. My hair was always squeaky clean and smelled chocolaty (mmmmm). I still use it sometimes (minutely) to tame strays and it works. For maintenance I now use organic root stimulator locking gel ( I love it )

Some comparison shots over the course of 2 mths. I've pulled poked and prodded to what you see here now lol. I'm definately going to give it a rest and see where it takes me.
Day 1 Side and top shot (I had problems keeping the front twisted)
Week 1 (some swelling happening here)
Month 1 (fruzz Begins)
6 weeks after a henna (I see some brwn tips but they didnt last looks kind of dry)

Month 2 (My baby's are coming along well I'm proud)

Peace out :3

So here's to a new month of locking thank God the snow has melted and spring has finally begun (well for me anyway)
Happy Locking Yall


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