Thursday, June 11, 2009

Loc Transplant

So I did the stupidest thing ever yesterday, while interlocking I ended up combining two locs together and while this is a common practice to do they just happen to be locs that were farther in distance from each other. It just didnt look good is all I'm saying and it hurt like crazy. So I went (Bing! Bright idea!) and took scissors and tried to free the culprits from each other. Now befor all this I tried untangling them but to no avail everytime I tried to run the interlocking tool backwards through the root it was like I was making a new rotation ( ouch) and it began to form a huge clump at the crown of my head. I was so desperate and in pain that I bust out the scissors and snip! there went a neighboring loc that was minding its own business. Now if I would have just calmed down and breathed a little maybe I would have thought to pin all the other locs out of the way first but no..... the pain got the best of me and I went a little nuts lol.

(These pics dont show the damage I fixed it befor I took these pics)

You know from my recent posts its seems Ive gotten a little scissor happy these days and I think its from my obssession with perfection but today was a total different story the name of the game was pain and it just had to be released. Anyway as the story goes I did manage to save my newly developed bald spot from shame and embarrassment. About 3 mths ago I got a bright idea to add extentions to my locs that did not work out but I did have some kinky human hair left over and I'm glad I did because I used some of it to salvage the loc that got mowed down. So now that everything is IRIE again I have learned my lesson and pin my locs back to keep any from straying if the scissors are needed (rare as they should be), and if I wait every 4~6 weeks as opposed to the 2 then I shouldnt really have a problem. I just had to share this because I know I'm not the only one who's gone and messed up bad (lol) this my friends is a true lesson in my journey and now I definately know that this is not a race and like my hair it is what it is.

(Here is the loc I fixed with an extention, Ive managed to blend it in pretty well hopefully it holds up until major growth happens (I need some miracle gro). Behind it is a puff of hair that is to short to loc and was apart of the collision unfortunately. Going to wait out some growth then fix it up, it's hardly noticable so I'm happy)

So for those of you who would like to know exactly what I did and perhaps have some locs that they liked to add a bit of length to :

1. Get some Kinky human hair and I stress kinky human because it wont work with synthetic the aim is to just keep it in there and leave it for good.... no it doesnt belong to you but if you have a dwarfed loc in the front that sticks out like a sore thumb then yup this is for you.

2 If youve managed to salvage a least an ince of growth grab some of the human hair thats a little thicker then the loc itself. If its thinner loc beefing it up a bit will help it just be careful not to over do it otherwise you'll have weak roots.

3. Make like your going to put in braid extentions and braid the human hair onto the loc if you like you can add a thinner piece of human hair if you want to add length.

In the end it will look like a braid loc and will take awhile to loc up in that nice cylinder shape but as it grows you can continue on as usual with whatever maintenance regimen you were using It will just have the added length. If youve managed to gain some growth but it falls out you can leave it be or you can try adding it in again. If you are looking for lenght right away adding kinky human hair to your locs will help you achieve the look you are looking for. For myself I think I'm just going to leave my knotties alone for awhile I think they have endured enough abuse from me already. Keep rockin those locs and keep smiling.

Peace and blessings



msfullroller said...

OK, like I told Laloced, y'all are going to have to do tutorials on how you did your fixes. From the pics they are practically undetectable. Fantastic! You guys got made skillz!

I think locs teach you that the only true state of "perfection" is the way you were made and that "perfection" actually means "unique" as we are all uniquely and wonderfully made.

Chinue*s LLL Philosophy said...

Nice comeback! This is a perfect example of the extent of learning that takes place during this journey. :D

Kumina said...

Excellent job! I couldn't tell which one you fixed until you held it up.

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