Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Been Gone for a Min now I'm back at the jump Off..... 2 1/2 years and counting

Hello Friends miss me? I know...... I have been very bad Not updating like I should but shoo honestly thought that no one would care after the first year anyway. One person did ask me where I went though so I should probably pick up the pace and bring ya'll up to date on my hair happenings. After the first two years thought I would be locked down and cruising end of story. Know what I found out though this journey never truly ends. My hair still has a plenty to show me and it keeps surprising the heck out of me. At one point I was like no you didn't just go there ( fuzzies beyond belief) then next minute (I mean morning) I'm waking up looking like queen Cleopatra herself. There are days I want to take scissors to these locs I've cultivated but I must always remind myself that my journey is never over and that there is always magic about to take place. A few months back I considered free forming and you know what that just wasn't going to fly because when I do that my scalp itches the heck out of me. For a regimen I've finally gotten down to only shampooing and conditioning when needed which is like every three days. I no longer spritz, roll, moisturize, any of that I just don't have time. I will however plop myself down in front of the tube every three months and interlock my hair. Yup! I still use the tool cause if I don't, I get these lovely loose crazies everywhere. I've tried to love them but I just can't do it. There are still some parts that are soft like up at the front but the backs are maturing quite nicely. I have transplants that are now just sliding out (I actually pop them off cause their so fat and hard to get through  the loops when interlocking) I hate those little fuzz ball things that seal the end I routinely snip, pop or rip those off cause quite frankly they bother me. Gives me some sick satisfaction to do away with them and yes they probably are important but it hasn't affected my hair either way. I do continue to use naturally derived products when I do shampoo and condition just washes out nicer and leaves barely any residue which could potentially cause mildew problems if not rinsed and dried properly. I do have to confess though that I pin my hair up after the shower and leave it there all day when I work after I wash which is probably not a good idea but in the end I always air dry and let the sun work its magic. Winter is another story and I'm very careful at that time of the year anyway I digress without further ado some updated photos for you. You guys have a blessed and wonderful day.


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Thandi said...

Lovely! Thank you for not abandoning us!

Locks are Beautiful

Locs are sexy